Ermis was the god of rhetoric. The envoy of the Greek mythology who passed on information. He is said to have been an androgynous figure. A figure that embodied female as well as male elements.

ERMIS, the greek gay and lesbian community in Germany

The world is colourful. We are a part of it

ERMIS sees itself as part of the LSVD, the head organisation of gays and lesbians in Germany. With its help and with friends from Germany and other nations we want to campaign for our rights as gays and lesbians in Germany. We want to contribute to the work of the LSVD with our own ideas and claims. With our cultural identity. With our history and our present. Diversity instead of ignorance.

ERMIS is open to everyone

The Greek gay-lesbian community is open to everyone: homosexuals and bisexuals, men and women. We do not exclusively address ourselves to the Greeks living in Germany!